Boat Tour + Zipline Combo Tour


An action-packed and exciting day awaits you! Together with your friends and family, we offer you a unique experience. First, a zipline tour with plenty of adrenaline at a speed of 65km/h at 40m altitude, followed by a Canyon Boat tour with specially produced boats and a unique Canyon Safari adventure awaits you with your loved ones by cooling off in the icy clear waters coming out of the mountains with our experienced team on the Goynuk Canyon Track.


• You will be greeted by our team members at the entrance of our park and you will reach the Canyon entrance, which is the starting point of your tour, accompanied by magnificent nature views with our safari vehicles.
• At the entrance to the canyon, our team will help you to dress up your equipment, which includes Helmets, Life jackets, wet suits and surf boots
• Our team will give you a brief information about the tour in order to make your experience as satisfying and fun as possible before your tour starts
• From the very beginning of your tour, you will see that the geology has changed dramatically and you will feel that you are opening the doors of a natural paradise; a visual feast presented with the sculpture of water
• During the tour, you will swim, slide, jump into the waters, and sometimes cool down under the flowing waterfall while overcoming natural obstacles full of fun and adventure…
• The tour duration varies depending on the size of the participating group and its speed, but lasts an average of 1 hour.
• At the end of your tour, you will be directed by our team to our pond area with our vehicles again for tea and rest... if we manage to convince you to leave.. 🙂
• After a little rest and relaxation in our pond area, our ZipFly team will start preparing you for the adrenaline-filled part of the day
• At this point, you will be equipped with your equipment, including the Safety strap, helmet and Zip reel that you will use during the activity by our expert ZipFly team in their field.
• After purchasing your equipment, our team will give you a brief information with the necessary information so that you can experience your tour in the best way.
• After this brief information, you will start moving towards the starting point located on a slope right next to our pond area accompanied by our leader guide while our team moves to take their place at the stations
• Within the scope of your tour, you will complete your tour by sliding through the two flight stations first, then the suspension bridge crossing, as well as our last line just over the pond and in front of the cafeteria terrace, and you will observe your friends flying in front of you while sipping your tea.


• Confirmation will be made together with the reservation
• Minimum age limit for canyon tour is 4.
• The weight Decimation for Zipline is between 20kg-100kg.
* Swimwear, sort, rubber shoes and comfortable clothes should be preferred.
• It is forbidden to put food, drinks, any portable items or electronic devices into the canyon.(free storage spaces are available)
* Alcoholic participation in the tour is strictly not allowed.
• Not recommended for people with walking difficulties or disabilities.

Activity Season is closed.
See you next season


Göynük Canyon
Göynük Canyon

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