We are open everyday from 9:00 to 18:30. It is recommended to enter at least 90 mins before closing time at 17:00 to participate in activities.

Unfortunately we do not offer transfers at this time. The easiest way to arrive would be by taxi. If you wish you can also use public transportation buses to arrive at Goynuk (Just tell the driver that you want to go to Goynuk Canyon and he/she will drop you at the nearest point). Once you arrive in Goynuk you can walk or take a taxi from there to park entrance. You can also rent a bicycle, scooter or a car.

Body Rafting activity is performed on a natural parcour of 650-700 meters. There are no difficult parts for people without physical disabilities. There are parts where you should swim, walk or climb little fun obstacles. Since there is no limitation in time, you can set your own speed. Zipline activity does not require any ability to participate in the activity and anyone can participate within sufficient weight limits which is between 20kg – 100kg per person.

Age limit for kids is decided by parents. If you think that your kid/s can handle swimming, climbing and walking on the rocks, they can join the body rafting activity on your watch. Even 2-3 years old kids can complete our canyoning tour. But of course they will need your help and supervision. As for Zipline there is no age limit but a weight limit which is between 20kg – 100kg per person.

There is no height limit, but weight must be between 20-100 kg.

For a comfortable walk and trekking we recommend sport or open shoes and clothes. For Body Rafting activity we recommend you bring your swimming suits.

We would recommend it if you dont want to wait for the sun to do its thing . Especially after Body Rafting activity you may need it.

Yes, we have changing cabins and lockers before every activity. They are free of charge.

Yes, we have a restaurant by our lake area which has a menu with many selections of snacks and grills to offer. 

Göynük Canyon
Göynük Canyon

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